Distributor Programs

Would you like to become a distributor?


In the automotive aftermarket, finding ways to continually improve your business is paramount to long term success. DMA can provide solutions for you that enhance your competitive selling advantage!

Although most often associated with SENSEN® Shocks & Struts, the DMA program is much more. The DMA ride control program also includes the rapidly growing SPEEDY STRUT® Complete Strut Assembly, RIDEMASTER® Coil Springs and our BULLDOG HD™ Heavy Duty Shocks. The TekMaster® electronic brake wear sensor line is one of the most complete and best value offerings in its category and our ATLAS™ Lift Supports offer full line coverage with over 350 million VIO and 1600 SKUs!

DMA and its programs continue to grow and evolve. As the mission statement says, DMA is an organization dedicated to “actively listen, develop, and deliver” automotive products to the aftermarket. DMA welcomes suggestions for future line expansions and improvement. You ask…we deliver!

DMA’s distributor programs provide its partners with the tools needed to effectively sell in today’s aftermarket. They include:

    • The SENSEN® “Marketing Co-Op” Program
    • Detailed Product Brochures and Literature
    • Customized Marketing Campaigns
    • Print, Mobile & Electronic Catalogs
    • High-Resolution Product Photography
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • “Pick A Pay”, a Volume and Extended Payment Terms Program
    • And many more

Contact us today to learn more about DMA and how we can help your business in today’s ever more challenging aftermarket.

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