Co-Op Program

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SENSEN® North America established the SENSEN® Marketing Co-Op Program to help our valued distribution partners build the SENSEN® brand through positive promotions with customers and employees.

General Guidelines


  • Program Eligibility

All existing and future regularly stocking traditional warehouse distributors that are in good standing with SENSEN® North America are eligible to participate. All claims must be submitted to the SENSEN® North America headquarters by the participating WD account. No third party claims shall be accepted. A regularly stocking account is defined as one who places at least one freight prepaid minimum order each calendar quarter.

  • Marketing Allowance

The marketing allowance is set at 2% of net purchases (minus any returns or other adjustment) of SENSEN® product and is based on the prior calendar quarter.

All earned funds must be used or forfeited within 3 calendar quarters of the earned date.  Unused funds shall be forfeited and cannot be carried forward. Earned funds may be used solely for approved marketing efforts, SENSEN® produced wearables, or approved sales spiffs. Product credit is not an eligible used of the earned funds.

A maximum of 50% of the earned funds may be used for sales spiffs. All sales spiffs must be approved by SENSEN® North America. All marketing documents and media, except those produced by SENSEN® North America, must receive prior approval. This includes but is not limited to, the use of the SENSEN® logo, brand or name in any print, electronic, audio, or video media.

SENSEN® produced wearables shall be valued at the dollar amounts listed on the most current Marketing Support Program brochure. SENSEN® North America reserves the right to provide alternate items to those requested by the customer depending on the availability of the actual requested items.


  • Other Conditions

SENSEN® North America accepts no liability in regards to wearable items.

SENSEN® North America reserves the right to terminate or amend this program at any time.

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